What Is Planetary Psychology?

Planetary Psychology is the new psychology of the West. It is time for traditional psychologists to turn to the heavens for the solution of human problems rather than continue with the theories and therapeutic techniques that rarely lead to lasting solutions for our suffering humanity.

All psychologists should ask, “”Why did Carl Jung turn to astrology in his later years to find solutions for his clients.” Surely, he must have found something there that was truly more effective in helping others than following psychological theories based on trial and error. But he was denounced by his peers. This ancient psychology was discovered in the heavens and not in conventional universities. I have named these ancient astrologers “skysages” because they were truly sages of the sky. and discovered what the secrets of the heavens revealed. They discovered that the energies of the sky were revealed in the planetary relationships. They also discovered that the unique energy fields of the sky (called the zodiac) through which the planets travelled, provided specific psychological information about events and conditions of human beings of the earth. It eventually became apparent that the planets and the signs of the zodiac (the unique energy fields) revealed the karma and the specific destiny of all human beings.