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Enroll now in the Institute of Planetary Psychology- “Enter As A Novice – Emerge As a Master.” This training is for those who are serious about becoming a counseling seer in the new field of Planetary Psychology..

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You may know yourself better than anyone, but the heavens can give you far more accurate insights into your true career, your relationship issues, and real solutions on whatever is bothering you. I have spent over 50 years working with hundreds of people to provide them with the solutions that really work. And I am still here! If you really want to know where to go with your life and how to get there, I can show you. Contact me now at

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Love Pointers

Is Loving Yourself a Mystery to You?
If so, here’s your chance

To change that forever.

Why do so many of us have a  problem with self-love? Certainly it seems that we can’t just decide to love ourselves.  If we did, we would find something far different from what we usually do.

What we usually do is look to others to help us find self love. But so many of these efforts fail.

Why is this?

Because most psychological systems don’t have the right tools to find out how we are really made up inside. We  need more direct tools that tell us exactly who we are and how we are made up that causes us to act the way that we do.  We need this information now, right away, so we don’t have to spend tons of money and years of therapy to find out.

We can find out today who we are. We don’t have to wait another minute.

You could study Planetary Psychology for a few years and learn how to read the specific  planetary clusters that give you total insight to all the various parts of your nature. BUT, I am sure most of you don’t want to go to all that work and trouble in learning how to do this. So the next best thing, is to let me do this for you.  I guarantee you will be so pleased that at last you have found something that gives you the insights you need, and what you must do to begin to awaken the self love you have always longed for

Don’t waste another moment staying asleep while awake. Make no mistake about it.  The answers to self love are revealed in the heavens.

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