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How many times have you received advice from a well-meaning friend and wished you hadn’t?

Probably more times than a few, if you’re like me. Of course, we love our friends and we can’t fault them for trying to help.

But, over time, we soon realize that most people don’t really understand us well enough to give us the insights that will truly work for us. That’s not the fault of our friends.

We are probably far more complex than our friends realize. It’s very rare to find someone who truly understands us and who can really help point our life in the right direction. So, we struggle.

It’s not easy to find the life-solutions that really work for us. It takes a long time to discover who we really are and what we really want. Many of us never do. If we do “get a clue,” it usually occurs in later life. Then it may be too late.

Why do we continue to choose the slow, painful road of “trial and error.”? Why do so many of us feel that we are stumbling through life and wasting a lot of precious time wondering if we are ever going “to get anywhere?”

No doubt you may have already talked to a ton of “experts” whom you hoped would “point the way”. But in the end, you may still find that you dont have the answers and solutions that really work for you. You may begin to feel that people just don’t understand you.

Sooner or later, if you are fortunate, you may realize that, “I sure don’t know the direction I need to take to fulfill the true purpose of my life? In fact, I don’t even know what my true purpose is.”

Well, you can take heart, because I am going to show you how your confrontation with this sobering realization is actually a good thing.

This realization puts you in the position of “openness.” Even open to receiving some very radical insights and solutions that come from a place that most of us would never dream of exploring or truly consider.

Before I show you what this is and how it works, I want to show you some of the great rewards that you could already be enjoying.

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  • Learn to perform simple, yet powerful, spiritual exercises that will transform your life into a very selfless, loving and happy existence.

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