Skysage Astrology Institute

Where You Can Become A Master of Planetary Psychology

Become A Master Astrologer And A Coaching Seer In Planetary Psychology

Enroll now in at the Skysage Astrology Institute – “Enter As A Novice – Emerge As a Master.” This training is for those who are serious about becoming coaching seers in the new field of Planetary Psychology..

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  • Low Tuition
  • Proceed At Own Pace
  • Personal Skype Support
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Explore Your Natal Birth Chart And. . .

The Mysteries Will No Longer Be
Hidden From You!

I have spent over 50 years toiling day and night to find the answers you need to know to learn how to live the life shown in your Natal Birth Chart.

Let me shine light on your reasons for being born and show how you can follow the path that is revealed in your natal birth chart.

This is not one of those sun-sign horoscope readings that is generated by soulless software. Only a living astrologer can give you the wisdom you need to live your life creatively.

Don’t waste another day living asleep while awake.

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