I know. You probably don’t look  up at the sky to find any of the real answers to life that you’re looking for.

Why should you? No one has probably ever told you that there is some really great stuff going on “up there” that you should know about so you could live your life more creatively.

No doubt you’ve heard about sun signs and that you are supposed to be able to find your true mate by checking that out, but that’s never proven to be very reliable. The fact is, there are some amazing secrets that were found in the heavens by the ancient skysages. But science refuses to investigate these forces because so many scientists are too biased to be objective. Therefore, they should not call themselves “scientists”. These unscientific scientists control the classroom and it is forbidden and even “taboo” to look at such “stuff.” According to these folks, there is no proof that the heavens reveal anything about human nature and this is “just a bunch of nonsense.”

But there is hope, because there are actually some scientists who have more integrity and practice the true science of “observation without condemnation.” Such a scientist is astronomer, Dr. Percy Seymour, who wrote in his book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology, that “My interest in the history and philosophy of science and my examinations of the so-called scientific arguments against astrology had shown me quite clearly that these arguments were not scientific at all. They were mere rationalizations of pseudo-intellectual prejudices that are only accepted by some people as scientific because they reinforce their own beliefs.” (p.6)

Further on in his book, he made this amazing statement:

  “The whole Solar System is playing a symphony on the magnetic field of he Earth…We are all genetically ‘tuned’ to receive a different set of melodies from this symphony…The womb is no hiding place from the all-pervading and constantly fluctuating magnetic field of Earth; so the sympathetic tunes which we pick up can become part of our earliest memories. It is in the womb that some of the ‘magnetic music of the spheres’ become etched in our brains.”

I’m not here to try to convince you of the great wisdom that you can gain from this knowledge of the heavens but I am just going to let others speak to you from their own experiences when they asked me to help them understand there relationships. They have given me permission to let you read their own story.












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Ancient astrological sages discovered this while observing and recording planetary  cycles for thousands of years.

I have called these ancient celestial explorers “skysages” because they were truly sages of the sky. They discovered that the secret energies of the heavens were revealed in the zodiac signs and their relationships to the planets. But, the most amazing discoveries of all was that these energies revealed the nature of coming events and the psychological chemistry of human beings who were born on the earth. This is why the charts created by these skysages revealed the actual nature of any individual born on earth.

Unfortunately, in so called modern times, there has been a persistent movement against this knowledge because it is not deemed scientific even though it is constantly validated by those who have investigated this psychology of the heavens.

For example, one major error that traditional clinical psychology makes is to assume that a child’s psychological state is created mostly by the environment and the relationship to the parents. But, in truth, they do not realize that the psychological condition of an individual is clearly seen and can be fully explained by a highly experienced skysage at the moment of a child’s birth. In other words, “karma” is predetermined because the child’s psychological condition can be fully described by analyzing the planetary conditions at birth. This is why modern psychology is so ineffective. It does not recognize these preconditions. No doubt, Jung found this out when he started studying astrology. It is well-known that he used astrology charts to analyze his patients and apparently did not turn to psychological systems for the real answers. But, for this, he was denounced by those who were ignorant of the power of such knowledge.

All psychologists and therapists should ask, “”Why did Carl Jung turn to astrology in his later years to find solutions for his clients.” Surely, he must have found something there that was truly more effective in helping others than following psychological theories based on trial and error. But he discovered what the secrets of the heavens revealed. It eventually became very apparent that the planets and the signs of the zodiac (the unique energy fields) revealed the karma and the specific destiny of anyl human being.