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What Is The Greatest Journey You Could Every Take?

Join Me In A Psychological Safari




Would You Be Willing To Take A Psychological Safari
Really Discover Who You Are?

I know. You probably have never thought of searching the heavens to find any real answers to your life. But more than any place, the sky is where most of the answers and solutions to life can really be found. While the average person has a tendency to think of this as absolute nonsense, there are those who really inquire for themselves and discover how to see through this veil of ignorance.

Why should you? No one has probably ever told you that there is some really great stuff going on “up there” that you should know about so you could live your life more creatively.

To understand this more fully, imagine that the eagle shown below is talking to you (the crow) and is trying to decide whether or not to take you on a psychological safari of the heavens. The eagle knows that he can’t make that decision for you so he pauses to give you time to decide. He hopes that you will have enough curiosity to take the journey. Now, imagine that you are that curious crow and that you have finally decided to say “Yes!” to this journey.


Here’s a picture of you and the eagle taking flight

                                                                                                                                            ©Phoo Chan 2016

There you go, flying away, burning with curiosity! The eagle fully knows what’s in store for you — fantastic psychological discoveries that you could not possibly imagine. But he also knows that this Safari will be a transforming and remarkable experience for you.

The eagle symbolizes a Planetary Psychologist (which I sometimes refer to as a Skysage) who will take you, like the crow, to the most profound places in the heavens that will show you what you are supposed to be doing with your life. Once you completely understand this and know how to interpret the many discoveries that will be revealed to you, you will really know how to use what you have learned. The eagle can help you realize your life purpose.

All of this knowledge is hidden in the heavens, often in the form of planetary clusters, but it is only available to those who have enough curiosity to discover and explore this amazing “open secret.”

Maybe this is you.

Here’s a remarkable discovery that may convince you to throw away your doubting mind, and take a flight to an earthly place where your celestial sage awaits you:

One of the worlds greatest astronomers, Dr. Percy Seymour, wrote in his ground-breaking book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology that It is in the womb that some of the magnetic music of the spheres becomes etched on our brains.

The eagle will take you to that place where this ‘magnetic music’ is created by these ‘spheres’, which are known as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It is these heavenly bodies that travel through the magnetic field of the zodiac, which create a circle in the heavens, encompass the earth, and reveals the psychological chemistry of every human being.

Here Is The Place Where The Great Mystery
Called You Is Clearly Revealed In Your Safari

So many of these places reside in the mind of the Skysage who is the one who will reveal and explain this mystery to you. Such a one is called a planetary psychologist, who is working diligently to help give birth to this new healing psychology for our planet and awaken those sleeping universities who, tragically, have failed to realize what is revealed here.

Here are a couple of clients among literally thousands who have taken a celestial journey to their own inner world and who have expressed what they discovered as a result:


What Mickey Learned

“The process of learning about my planetary clusters by tracking them has been an absolutely amazing journey and adventure. I’ve so enjoyed discovering how these many parts of me work together—a true revelation—and learning about how my planetary clusters, both supportive and wounded, are activated by the Moon’s cycle. This, combined with my














Ancient astrological sages discovered this while observing and recording planetary  cycles for thousands of years.

I have called these ancient celestial explorers “skysages” because they were truly sages of the sky. They discovered that the secret energies of the heavens were revealed in the zodiac signs and their relationships to the planets. But, the most amazing discoveries of all was that these energies revealed the nature of coming events and the psychological chemistry of human beings who were born on the earth. This is why the charts created by these skysages revealed the actual nature of any individual born on earth.

Unfortunately, in so called modern times, there has been a persistent movement against this knowledge because it is not deemed scientific even though it is constantly validated by those who have investigated this psychology of the heavens.

For example, one major error that traditional clinical psychology makes is to assume that a child’s psychological state is created mostly by the environment and the relationship to the parents. But, in truth, they do not realize that the psychological condition of an individual is clearly seen and can be fully explained by a highly experienced skysage at the moment of a child’s birth. In other words, “karma” is predetermined because the child’s psychological condition can be fully described by analyzing the planetary conditions at birth. This is why modern psychology is so ineffective. It does not recognize these preconditions. No doubt, Jung found this out when he started studying astrology. It is well-known that he used astrology charts to analyze his patients and apparently did not turn to psychological systems for the real answers. But, for this, he was denounced by those who were ignorant of the power of such knowledge.

All psychologists and therapists should ask, “”Why did Carl Jung turn to astrology in his later years to find solutions for his clients.” Surely, he must have found something there that was truly more effective in helping others than following psychological theories based on trial and error. But he discovered what the secrets of the heavens revealed. It eventually became very apparent that the planets and the signs of the zodiac (the unique energy fields) revealed the karma and the specific destiny of anyl human being.