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I’m really glad to see you here because this could be your life’s greatest discovery!

This could be one of your  most rewarding experiences. I am convinced that you will discover unrealized possibilities that will be revealed in the mysterious Eagle’s journey that relates specifically to your own destiny.

Once you have discovered the full interpretation  of your journey, you will see what areas of your life that are holding you back and what talents can take you where you want to go; even talents that you may not even realize that you possess.

If  You Take this Heart-Opening Journey,
Below Is a List of The Many Benefits You Will Receive W
hen You Explore The Depths of  Your Planetary Cluster Chart and the Eagle’s Path With a Skysage Who Has Mastered The Amazing Techniques of Planetary Psychology.


  1. Locate your Life Purpose Path by understanding the Blue Eagle’s journey through your life;
  2. Discover how your Heart’s Desire works with your Life Purpose to help you find what you are looking for.
  3. Find parts of yourself that may be working against you and discover talents that you may have never recognized.
  4. Become aware of where you are in your present life cycle and what you need to develop or focus on at this time.
  5. Understand the kind of people who are best for you and why others tend to impede your progress.
  6. Gain many useful insights into your present relationship and how you can improve it—or let it go.
  7. Discover specific techniques for resolving  hidden conflicts and free yourself from limiting states of mind.
  8. Learn about how your Planetary Clusters reveal your inner world and how you can track their activities.
  9. Explore how to use your gifts more fully by becoming aware of what they are.
  10. Experience this one-hour session live through the free Skype online phone system. I will be able to talk with you and we will be able to see each other in person. If you prefer, your session can be recorded via Skype and emailed to you so you can review it whenever you like. This is an additional cost of $10. Let me know before the session if you want this extra feature.

Remember, this is a journey you will never forget because it will be an experience of immense value to you and serve you for many years to come. You will continue to discover many benefits long after I am gone. I will even send you a recording of our Skype conversation via special email (as mentioned above). I this way, you will be able to review everything and make sure you didn’t miss something.

I have spent over 50 years reading planetary cluster charts. After doing hundreds of readings, I discovered the Secrets of the Eagle’s path and developed many new insights that will get amazing results for you. I have written four books on this subject and founded Planetary Psychology in 1973 which is certified by the State of California. We teach a five-year training course through the Institute of Planetary Psychology and certify graduates as Planetary Psychology counselors, or Skysages. So, please understand that you are in good hands. I am truly here to help you.

I look forward to our unforgettable session together.

To sign up for your reading, please process your PayPal payment below by clicking on the icon. Then send me your full name from birth, your date, time and place of birth by using the contact link at the top of this site. I will then contact you and arrange our session through Skype. (If you do not have Skype, we can still do the reading via phone.)

Life Reading fee is $125.

Institute of Planetary Psychology