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My name is Randall Curtis. I am an innernet astrologer and a coaching seer who is looking for creative ways to help you find solutions to difficult problem.

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Is dating and mating a headache?

I can show you what to do that will make you an expert reader of relationships in no time. I guarantee that you will no longer have any dating and mating disasters because you will be able to figure out anyone even before you meet them! I know this sounds impossible but check out this link and you will never be fooled by anyone ever again.

Are you confused about what to be do with your life?

I can totally clarify your career, your heart’s desire, your life purpose, and show you the best paths to take to fulfill all of these goals. I will explain these in such a way that they will make complete sense to you. So many of my friends have been so grateful for discovering the hidden direction of their destiny. Such knowledge has helped them move and plan ahead creatively. You will come to realize how accurate and beneficial this information is for you. If you would like to go deeper into this, please check out my life readings on this site.

 Do you have a problem that you need to solve?

If so, you will need the right information for you to make the right decision. I have spent over 50 years helping my friends solve their problems. So, I am sure I can do the same for you. Just use the Contact link at the top of this site and tell me what you need or have in mind.

Would you like to become an expert in Planetary Psychology?

You certainly would be able to help a lot of people just like I have over these many years. You can take my four year training course by signing up  here online at the Skysage Astrology Institute  You will be guided personally through 48 lessons to a solid certification in the art of Planetary Psychology. You will be guided personally to help you gain the expertise you need in using the secrets of the Planetary Cluster Codes©  that are hidden in every birth chart.            .

 Or you may want to just try out some free lessons

If so, just go to  free lessons  on this site and enjoy the adventure. Feel free to ask me any questions via theContact link
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The Newsletter (Zodiac Zone) will keep you up to date on what is happening. You will be informed of forthcoming Skysage Innernet Heavenars© that can help you quickly learn who you are, where you need to go, and help you figure out how to live your life in wisdom. If you subscribe, you can receive a birth chart for free. Please understand that this is not an interpretation of your birth chart, but an actual astrological printout of your planetary patterns which you can learn to study on your own.

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From the cornfields of Kentucky to the shores of Northern Japan, and the long journey of tasting the heavenly wisdom found in the signs and planets, I have learned to live more in the NOW. I have wandered through music schools of America and Europe to learn how to compose music. I even jumped out of airplanes and served in the occupation of Japan. I later took up the disciplines of Yoga to become a monk in search of enlightenment and renounced the world for 11 years. Then I returned.

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Over 50 years ago, I began the study of astrology to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition. In 1973 I founded Planetary Psychology and established these new astrological techniques in my writings at that time. Planetary Psychology is now a California Service Mark and is taught here at the Skysage Astrology Institute. The Institute was established as a special training school for serious astrologers who want to become experts in Planetary Psychology.

In 1985, I had a vision of a woman flying into my heart like a bird and who took up residence there. This remarkable vision changed my life and led me to the discovery of my true mate. This awakening taught me what love is  and why that love is necessary before we can attract “the one who will make our heart sing.” It led me to finally write my latest book, “How Do I Find True Love?”

Over these many years, I wrote a musical, composed piano pieces for performance and wrote four  books: “The Heart of a Man is a Woman,”  “No One is a Mystery,” “Planetary Clusters: How They Dictate Your Fate,” and “How Do I Find True love?”

I now live with my true love, Elizabeth, and two beautiful Maine Coon cats. I am always working to help others take their true love journey to find the one they have always wanted. There are many challenges along the way, but if I can help you complete this process, you will experience a joy and love that you may never thought possible. This is the promise of my latest book, “How Do I Find True Love?” which can be found at Amazon

May your heart be enriched by a continuous awakening of love.

Randall Curtis