1. I wish to enroll in Level One of the Foundation Course of the Skysage Astrology Institute and will process my payment through PayPal according to the instructions provided. 2. I understand that there can be no refund as all payments are final. 3. I understand that I will receive 12 Lessons for this course, which is the Brown Level, of the Foundation Course. (The other levels are the Red Level, the Green Level, and the Blue Level.) There is no charge for the textbook and other course material for this level. 4. I understand that completion of the Brown Level is a pre-requisite for enrolling in the next level of the Foundation Course. 5. I understand that I will have access to a mentor to help me through this training and will use phone lines or Skype to communicate with him or her. 6. I further understand that this agreement is subject to revision and that I will be informed if any changes are necessary.