Astrology Relationship Readings

Here Are The Answers You’re Looking For

  • The Institute of Planetary Psychology readings are performed live by an expert Skysage.
  • You can ecord the reading for your future reference.
  • We do not believe in computer generated horoscope interpretations due to potential errors in synthesis as revealed in computer generated astrology. A trained Skysage can reveal the secrets of the Eagle’s Path and many more esoteric techniques that provide the answers you are looking for. Take advantage of the techniques of the Skysage which  provides the very best mate-matching possible.

Love Relationship Reading

If  you are serious about someone, you can be certain that you are choosing the right person by having your charts compared by a Skysage master with over 50 years of experience.

  • Learn where your strongest attractions are and where your love is the deepest;
  • How you can make the most of your relationship by knowing quite clearly what your partner wants and needs;
  • Save yourself miles of pain by learning precisely why your relationship wlll or will not work; obviously this will take courage because most lovers don’t want to spoil their idealism when they are thinking about sharing their lives together;.
  • You can also  avoid being a victim of a fatal attraction that takes you into places where you would never want to go. Here’s a chance to find your best (no match is perfect) match and to find out for yourself what your true relationship is about. This is more than just finding horoscope compatibility. The revelations will be far deeper and more meaningful to you. Why wait. It is better to know for sure how your relationship will function over time.

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New Mother-Child Relationship Reading

If you are a parent or new mother it is very important to have your chart compared with your child’s chart. You could save yourself years of experience in trying to figure out who this person is that you have brought into the world. We have discovered that this is one of the areas in relationship analysis that could save a mother an ocean of tears. How often have you heard a mother say, “If I had only known I was going to have a child like this, I don’t feel I would have really done it. it is so hard to please this kid and the temper tantrums are keeping me awake at night.” This is the value of having a child relationship reading. The chart shows instantly what kind of energies that exist between you and you will have all the insights you need from looking into your astrological charts with the help of a master astrologer.

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After completing your order, return to this page and click on the Contact link at the top of this page to send the date, time, place of birth of both parties. If you do not know the time, don’t worry. An accurate reading can still be obtained. You will be contacted to set up a time to talk. We recommend using Skype. If this is not possible you can still use your phone.