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“What’s bothering you.”

What is the great mystery called “you” that is hidden along the celestial skyway? This is where the revelations and solutions for your life are just begging to be discovered!

Your Astrological Sky Chart

Reveals The Solutions You’ve Been Looking For

… And Now You Have a Chance To Get These Solutions Free!

If you are tired of looking around on the earth for answers that you need right now and can’t find anyone who is awake enough to know what they are.  I am here to tell you that


You Just Struck Gold!

My name is Randall Curtis. I have been reading astrological charts that are found on the celestial skyway for over 50 years. I’ve wandered through these mysterious skies and found answers and solutions that really work for everyone. It’s hard to believe that I have read over 15,000 birthcharts. That’s a lot of charts , a lot of work, and a lot of years. So, I really, really do know how to find the many answers to your life that are hidden in your sky chart.:

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The Great News For You Is…

that you have a good chance to gain many useful insights into what you were born to do.

If you have the curiosity to look, you can ask me a question about anything that’s bothering you and I will tell you what the heavens have to say about it. If you have a problem with relationships, career, dating, mating, life purpose, or work, I will search your astrological sky chart and find the answers you have been looking for.

While this service is free, the work intensive is huge so I can only do five free requests a week. I will place your information in my Weekly Drawing Pool. If you request is chosen, it will be answered through your participation by phone or Skype. Parts of your information will appear below in the continuing post sectiom to help others. Only your alias and city will be used. You will be notified if your request has been selected.

If your name is not selected immediately, I will keep your question in the Drawing Pool for 90 days

All you need to do is send me your date, time, place of birth and any important questions you have about your life and relationships which will be placed in the Drawing Pool. Please send this information through the Contact link at the top of this site.  Here are some guidelines to help you ask me the right questions:


  1. If you want to know about a relationship, please send your date, time and place of birth and the other person’s birth date. Use the Contact link at the top of this site and explain what you want to know. Please provide an alias because I will post your answer here on this page if you are chosen and will refer to that alias. Both of your astrological charts will be analyzed for harmony and compatibility.
  2. If you want to know about your heart’s desire, your soul’s purpose, your potential career, or where you are now in your life now and what you need to learn now, just ask me. Be sure to provide an alias and your birth information. I will contact you if your name is drawn.
  3. Provide similar information for all other forms of inquiry: If you are asking about your child, provide birth information. If you want to know about a friend, provide their birth information. As you can see by now, I need the birth information so I can  provide you with real answers to your life or your life situation. Your astrological chart holds these secrets.
  4. If there is something that does not fit any of these questions, please contact me using the above contact button and explain your situation.

 What To Do If You Don’t Want To Wait

To Be Chosen For A Free Reading

If you are anxious to get your sky chart analysis right now and don’t want to wait for a lucky drawing from the Drawing Pool, you can get your reading right away in person through a $25 /20 minute Skype or phone call. Please use the Contact link at the top of this site and send your appropriate birth information along with the questions you want answered and then process your payment by clicking on the PayPal icon below. After these two procedures are completed, I will contact you to set up a phone or Skype reading with you.



Note:  If the PayPal feature does not work on this page, you can process it at  by scrolling near the bottom of the page to locate the PayPal icon. If you do not have or use PayPal, simply send your payment by check to Randall Curtis, P.O. Box 150397, San Rafael, Ca 94915. My two cats , Oliver and Golightly, will love you for help filling their food bowl!

Please note that if you choose this payment option, your name will not be placed in the drawing pool but details of our session may appear on this site to help others. Your alias, city and state will be used.

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“I was quite amazed speaking with Randall Curtis today. He has never met me, nor my boyfriend. I didn’t give him any information about us except our birth dates, times, and places. Throughout our conversation, I was continually nodding yes as he described both of our personalities and ways that we relate to each other.

I don’t care what anyone says; astrology is a science. It’s for real. Otherwise, there’s no way Mr. Curtis could have told me the things he did; and, with such accuracy. It does almost seem scary.

I definitely would love to learn how to read charts like he does. Thank you again Mr. Curtis for such an intriguing conversation, and for your insight”

Valdosta, GA


“I received a relationship reading from Randall Curtis. He was insightful and extremely knowledgeable. His reading was structured and very easy to follow. He takes an extremely complex subject and is able to translate a circle with glyphs into a story about your relationship. He was able to bring understanding to some areas of my 29 year marriage and some insight into future planetary influences. I would recommend a relationship reading whether your relationship is brand new or very mature. Thank you Randall.”

New York

 Valentine date

“My relationship reading/consultation with Randall Curtis was a unique value!.

I have purchased many computerized reports over the years, and some of them have been very good. But, certainly none compares to the personalized information that Randall was able to share with me today.

What really impressed me was his honesty, and his special insight into the human heart. He is a very gifted and knowledgeable astrologer. I learned things today about my relationship that will be valuable to me forever.”

Shoshana HaLevy
New York


Example Questions

Golden One – Austin, Tx

Answer to The Following Question:
“Are me and my boy friend compatible?

(Posted May 11, 2013)

Love Pointers


Bright Star, Putnam, Vt

Answer to The Following Question:
“How Can I Work Best With My New Baby Child?

(Posted May 14, 2013)



Careerman – Boston, Ma

Answer to The Following Question:
“What Is My Life Purpose and Heart’s Desire?”

(Posted May 14, 2013)





Starlady – Chicago, Il

Answer to The Following Question:
“Do You Think I Could Be A Good Chef?”

(Posted May 19, 2013)




Don’t’forget. If you want your answers now and can’t wait, order a 20 minute analysis for $25. Your other option is to send me your question, date, time and place of birth through the Contact link at the top of this page. I will place your information in the Weekly Drawing Pool. If you are selected, you will receive a free 20 minute reading via phone or Skype. Some of your sessions may be presented on this site, but your name will be withheld. Only your alias, city, and state will be listed. This information will help others who have similar questions like yours. I look forward to working with you and creating a long time friendship. So, do feel free to participate or offer your suggestions on how I may improve this site.

Many thanks and all the best,

Randall Curtis
Founder of Planetary Psychology
Skysage Astrology Institute







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