Attention Western Astrologers

Are You Using The Wrong House System?

You may be making serious mistakes in interpretation if you have been trained in Western Astrology. If you are an astrologer who uses the Western system of astrology, you’re probably using techniques that lead you to make serious errors in judgment. I know this may be hard to hear about, but if you have the courage to test these out in practice, you will be convinced that you will need to make these corrections.

It is important to understand the 12 basic mistakes that Western astrology has made that leads to erroneous conclusions.

One huge mistake many Western astrologers make is in using house systems that don’t work. One of the systems that is used by a lot of Western astrologers is the Placidus system.

If you want to know why this system does not work, do a chart for Joseph Hart, a man born on November 20, 1977 in Nome, Alaska at 2:00 pm  Once you do this, please let me know how you are going to read this chart with all those intercepted houses and using one sign that is found on the cusp of three houses. I created the chart for you, to save you time, but you are welcome to create other charts on your own to see how this does not work for any kind of sensible interpretation.

Remember, if it is a logical and doesn’t work why on earth are we using it?

If you eliminate this one error, your interpretations will be greatly improved. But you need to use a better house system to prove this to yourself. Of course, this is only one of the many mistakes found in the Western astrology teachings. See Here, you can learn how to correct the other practices that also don’t work. Discover Skysage Astrology and why it is the New Astrology of the West.

Learn what the 12 mistakes are that are being taught in Western astrology now and how you can correct them.

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    1. Yes. tanks for your comment. Over 50 years doing this and I am still astounded by the discoveries. Hope you continue to explore this great storehouse of knowledge about life and human nature.

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