Now that you know that this could be the “best news of your life”, it is time to explore how you can receive these life-changings benefits.

Where do we start?

Heaven and Earth

We do not start with the earth, but with the heavens. Far more than people realize, the answer to our lives are found in the celestial world. Yes! The sky above you reflects and reveals who you are and who you can be while on earth.

Now, I am not asking all of you to believe this. . . but I know many of you certainly know this to be true. I am just asking that you take this journey with me while remaining open to the possibility that I may be right.

In fact, I guarantee that you will become convinced that what I am about to show you is totally true and will prove to be amazingly helpful to you. All you need do is continue to read what I am going to show you and be willing to take the journey.

You have, in fact, been very fortunate in stumbling upon a treasure of amazing insights and astounding information that will soon be available to you. You will come to know yourself like never before. If you stay with me, I am certain you will be totally convinced. Truly grateful. Truly satisfied.

The Ancient Skysage


Many ancient “skysages” worked very hard in learning how to bring this knowledge down to earth and reveal their ancient discoveries to us. We owe them beyond measure because their revelations are simply astounding.

There is no piece of knowledge

that is so rich

n revealing the nature and destiny of human beings.

Here’s an example of what the heavens revealed for a businessman who was experiencing some downturn in his US business.

After I viewed his chart, I told him “Since December 24th, 2014 the planet Saturn has moved into a much more favorable place for you financially, and getting rid of dead wood is something that you really need to do. Certainly foreign business seems now to the focus.” Four months later, he wrote: “Overseas sales are growing fast, however.  Greece is our biggest customer of late, but the Global sales guys are in China talking (by invitation) to the three biggest oil companies in China.  Before they left, Tim form Canada said that they were going to try to get (the largest oil dealer in Asia) to settle with treating 1% of their diesel fuel for starters – just to see how it helps their business.  He told me that treating 1% of their product would “dwarf” all of our other sales – and asked if I could even handle that much.  I, of course, answered, “Just try me!”

This is why I am always so shocked by those who are so reluctant to take this journey into the sky of their own being to find out what is really going on in their lives. This knowledge alone turns traditional psychology into sawdust. . . .




Because there can be no real psychology if we do not really understand how the secret of our lives are found in the heavens. This is why, in 1973, I gave birth to Planetary Psychology(SM) which is the true psychology of the West and reveals this truth of who we are in the form of a Planetary Cluster Chart. If we ever really want to understand ourselves, this is where we must start.

This is where you can discover and learn to use your own remarkable gifts. This is why YOU ARE JUST 24 HOURS AWAY FROM RECEIVING THE BEST NEWS OF YOUR LIFE. So let’s take a peek at what the Skysages do to help us discover who we are and what we were born to do.

They created a unique sky chart of the heavens which actually reveals the specific desires and attitudes of our nature and also determines if these energies can work in harmony or not.

Shown below is Mozart’s Planetary Cluster Chart.




I promise not to get too technical because I realize this is complex stuff. But I do want to show you a small portion of this chart so that you can get a glimpse of how powerful and accurate it really is. (Note: If you are familiar with western astrology charts, this one is different. I call it a Planetary Cluster Chart which is based on the Vedic wheel.)

Simply understand that this chart consists of a combination of special signs and planets which reveal the attitudes and desires of a specific human being. This chart shows how those energies functioned in Mozarts life.

 Planets Are Desires


Signs Are Attitudes

You do not need to understand this chart. But I just want you to look at a piece of it so that you can appreciate the amazing revelations that can be found there by any person who has been trained to be a Skysage.*

*NOTE: The word “Skysage” is a word I created that refers only to those individuals of either gender who have been trained in Planetary Psychology, which is now the new psychology of the West.


 Here’s a brief analysis of what the Skysage sees that is so meaningful for the correct interpretation of the chart. “The little stirrup symbol (North Node of the Moon) at the left side of the large black arrow indicates the soul’s purpose in this lifetime. The North Node is found in the sign of Virgo and indicates that Mozart wanted to be a perfectionist in the area shown at the tip of the arrow. Here are four planets in the sign of Aquarius: Venus, the artist, Mercury, the mind, Sun, the ego, and Saturn, the authority that represent the tyrannical teaching methods of his father. Remember: the planets are desires and the signs are attitudes. Here Mozart wants to give birth to his amazingly original impulses of Aquarius (attitude) and is instructed to do so by his father at a very early age.”

This is only a brief insight into how a Skysage reads a Planetary Cluster Chart. Can you imagine all the other intricate details that could possibly emerge from understanding how to read Mozart’s complete chart?

But don’t worry. This is not your job. Only a Skysage, who is trained in Planetary Psychology for many years, has the necessary skill and expertise to do this.

THIS COULD BE THE BEST NEWS OF YOUR LIFE because you now have some sense of how you can start taking advantage of your 9 Remarkable Benefits that I described to you earlier. And you have an experienced Skysage to find these benefits for you.

Now, For The Big Leap

So, if you would like me to be your Skysage and help you receive all these benefits in a live Skype session, just leap over the rainbow on the next page and I will see you there!



The Doors of Heaven Just Opened For You






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Nurturing From The Sky

Learn to receive the rain of wisdom from a very fruitful sky. This nurturing can be yours throughout the year when you begin your next reading. We will explore the celestial weather together and find the best solutions for you. And you will be blessed with knowing how to make use of your

9 Remarkable Benefits. Remember: You Are Only 24 Hours Away From Receiving The Best News of Your Life.

How to Get Started

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