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Listed below is a selection of random books that will have a strong and positive effect upon your life. There are many marvelous secrets hidden here. I will be very pleased when you share one of your awakening discoveries with me.

Planetary Clusters 1D[1]

“Planetary Clusters – How They Dictate Your Fate
What You Can Do About Them.”

This book is the primary textbook of the Skysage Astrology Institute and presents the radical principles of the new astrology of the West which corrects the ten basic errors of traditional Western Astrology. This groundbreaking book reveals how planetary clusters in your birth chart influence the unconscious reactions and attitudes that dictate your destiny. When your “wounded” clusters are activated by visiting planets, will you be prepared to meet the challenge? When your beneficial clusters are activated, will you seize the moment and fulfil your heart’s desire —or will you let the magic slip away?

If you are a serious student of astrology, this book offers you many new ideas to enhance your ability to synthesize a chart. I know you will be pleasantly pleased with the results.

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How Do I find True Love?
What The Planets Say
About Your Perfect Match

At last, here is a book that will truly show you how to make the right choices in deciding on a life partner. this is not guesswork, but a step by step process on how to proceed and learn how to figure out your relationship to anyone — whether it is in harmony or discord. The reviews are outstanding. Here is what some say at Amazon about this new way to learn how to find true love:

“I truly enjoyed this book! Many astrology books are helpful, yet the context is often clinical and the techniques sometimes difficult to comprehend for the average person. ths book is engaging, simple ty understand and effective. I recommend this book to people wanting to know aht their hearts really want or to eo0ple studying astrology.  It makes sense.” 

Jokamo  + Amazon Reviewer

“Randall Curtis integrates 50 years of experience as an astrologer into an impeccable relational astrology guide, in his book “Find My True Love.” Randall flows through the complex nature of planetary influences in a logical and reader friendly method by integrating the interpretations of the personal planets (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) with the impersonal planets (i.e. Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune). Astrology is a very deep and complex process however Randall proceeds through the planetary aspects so meticulously that any reader could benefit from his instruction. His method of instruction allows for any level of reader, beginner to long term practitioner to develop a deep understanding of relational astrology and how to apply it to individual circumstances.”

Sara Ensslin, MA, RN



Way of Liberation


 This book is a spiritual masterpiece by Adjyashanti who outlines specific practices that can lead to liberation. It is for anyone who is very serious about awakening from this dream state. This is a remarkable book that has many wonderful jewels strewn throughout the pages. If you are hungry for a “true way” to practice and discover the truth of your being, this book can literally change your life. I highly recommend it. This book is not for the casual seeker or those who are merely curious. It is a guide to your true nature. It is a very rare and sacred gift for those who long to “awaken.” You can get it free at  Open Gate Sangha


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Has your heart been broken? Discover why that may not be such a bad thing. Actually, it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. See this free video of an interview between Randall Curtis and Max J. Van Praag at “Private”

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