New Earth Energy of Taurus Has Arrived

The New Earth Energy of Taurus Has Arrived!

The Violent Fire of Aries Is Gone For A While

The purpose of this email is to notify that you will not be so stressed out so much now. We have just moved into a more mellow, earth energy. This Saturday evening, Pacific Coast time, April 20, 2013 shows a shift of the Moon into Virgo joining forces with several planets in Taurus. Thus ends the violence that has been so strong recently. You won’t be racing around so much for a while and cussing out those crazy drivers, because Taurus likes to take it easy. It is time to relax and to be grateful that it is time to work in your garden and enjoy the sweetness of the earth. Time for all of you earth signs to emerge and express yourself. You can really get things done now. This is a time of real results and solid productivity.

I thought you would like to know about this.

Here’s a picture of a chart that shows these new energies. This is for those of you who  understand the basics of astrology.

The New Earth

All the best,

Randall Curtis
Skysage Astrology Institute


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