Life Coaching Seer Steers You In The Best Direction

Discover Your Best Goals To Gain Better Results   What Are Some Life Goals That Will Bring You The Best Results The right goals for your life are those that are found by exploring who you are as a human being. This is not guesswork, and it does not take a long time to find the answer. In fact, after … Read More

Dating Tips That Lead To Dating Disasters

Dating Tip Disasters [Please print this out and read it while enjoying your morning drink.] After you have followed all the right dating tips and found your “match” through one of those popular matchmaking sites, it is time to do a reality check on your relationships and avoid all those dating tips disasters. Oh, I know, you may not really … Read More

Important Notice to My Friends of Skysage Astrology

Important Notice to My Friends of Skysage Astrology   Here is some very enlightening information that may be very useful to you. As many of you probably know, the planet, Neptune, has been traveling through the sign of Pisces for some time, and probably a lot of you don’t know or didn’t find it very interesting. BUT NOW… The planet, … Read More

Astrology’s Heavenly Solutions

Here Are Heavenly Solutions For Your Immediate Situation “What’s bothering you.” What is the great mystery called “you” that is hidden along the celestial skyway? This is where the revelations and solutions for your life are just begging to be discovered! Your Astrological Sky Chart Reveals The Solutions You’ve Been Looking For … And Now You Have a Chance To … Read More

Only By Losing Your Heart Will You Ever Find It

Only By Losing Your Heart Will You Ever Find It Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? How on earth can you lose your heart and find it at the same time?       Please come along with me and I will show you how I discovered this amazing truth.   First, let’s explore what it means to lose our … Read More

What Does Astrology Say About Our Once Beloved President?

What Has Happened to Our Silver-Tongued Orator? Certainly he is a man of fire. A great orator. His ardent Sun in Leo has captured the hearts and love of the people in a big way. But there seems to be something missing. I have never heard others speak about it. It seems that it is time to really look at … Read More

The Planets In Astrology

The Best Way to Understand The Planets In Astrology… is to explore your personal Zodiac, which is a mysterious circle in the sky that can reveal how you are made up inside. It is the astrologer’s task to explain how these various parts of yourself function together. Then you can determine how the present moving planets are affecting these various … Read More

Sun Sign Contacts With Pluto Can Really Transform Your Life

Skysage Astrology Institute If you want to hire me for any work, contact They are there to help me help you. Click on the above small link (Skysage Astrology Institute) Are You Ready For Such A Change?     Introduction I’m not kidding! Did you know that the planets are always moving through your lfe and actually dictating your … Read More

Horoscope Compatbility Problem Solved

  Horoscope Compatibility Problem Solved No More False Readings   Have You Ever Been Misled By Those Computer Generated Horoscope Compatibility Charts? Most horoscope compatibility charts generated by western astrology software has been grossly inaccurate, misleading, and very disappointing to thousands of  clients who are seeking real solutions to their relationship problems. The major error is in the programming which … Read More

New Earth Energy of Taurus Has Arrived

The New Earth Energy of Taurus Has Arrived! The Violent Fire of Aries Is Gone For A While The purpose of this email is to notify that you will not be so stressed out so much now. We have just moved into a more mellow, earth energy. This Saturday evening, Pacific Coast time, April 20, 2013 shows a shift of … Read More

Attention Western Astrologers

Are You Using The Wrong House System? You may be making serious mistakes in interpretation if you have been trained in Western Astrology. If you are an astrologer who uses the Western system of astrology, you’re probably using techniques that lead you to make serious errors in judgment. I know this may be hard to hear about, but if you … Read More

Planetary Psychology Students

Planetary Psychology Students Speak From Around The World     This is the picture of student, Ricardo Burrell, who  is located in Liverpool, New York. Here he is outdoors taking a hike around a long and winding road it appears. He is an outstanding systems administrator and says that “I have always been interested in astrology since grade school. About … Read More

Help With Relationship

If you are asking “Where can I get help with relationship advice?” the answer is HERE. Right here on this page. Read on and  I will make this very clear to you.This is the only stop you need to make to find truly satisfying answers that are very accurate and immediatly applicable to your situation. Here is where you can … Read More

Important Alert On Skytracking Your Cluster Activators

What On Earth Does That Mean? I know you are asking that. Can’t blame you. But I’m doing this to really help you, so read on just a bit and you could really get excited  about knowing what I have to tell you.  Those of you who know a little bit of astrology will probably understand this a little better. … Read More

Is Your Best Mate In Your Zodiac Signs?

The Heavens Made The Best Mate For You, But How Do You Find Him? The twelve zodiac signs of the heavens are actually specific human attitudes that are duplicated in the psyche of every human being. This means that if you know and understand the zodiac signs of any person, you will thoroughly understand who they are and their specific … Read More