What’s Your True Career?

“We may not know ourselves well enough to figure out what we want,” is a very honest and insightful statement made by a young woman in search of her true career. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t know what kind of work I want. All I know is I haven’t found it yet.” I’m sure many … Read More

Use Astrology For Love To Find The One You’ve Always Wanted

Which kind of astrology reading  is best for using astrology for love to find the one you’ve always wanted? What is the difference between a relationship reading put out by a computer and one created by a professional astrologer with over 50 years of experience? The difference in depth and understanding that you will receive from a professional astrologer trained … Read More

See Zodiac Signs As Attitudes and Colors

What does a zodiac sign have to do with attitudes and colors? The twelve zodiac signs of the heavens are actually attitudes that are duplicated in the psyche of every individual. Some attitudes remain dormant and remain in the background of our consciousness. What makes an attitude active in us is when an astrolgy sign (attitude) in our birthchart is … Read More

Skysage Coaching – Why Should I Be Your Life and Career Coach?

Because I Will Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose, Unveil The Path of Your Career, And Show You How To Realize It! I will take you on a journey through the heavens where you will discover things about yourself that you never thought possible. First, I will teach you the secrets of the bluebird so that you will know what you were … Read More