What Does Astrology Say About Our Once Beloved President?

What Has Happened to Our Silver-Tongued Orator?


Certainly he is a man of fire. A great orator. His ardent Sun in Leo has captured the hearts and love of the people in a big way. But there seems to be something missing. I have never heard others speak about it.

It seems that it is time to really look at what astrology has to say about him.

If we use a whole sign chart, we find his Sun, Mercury and Uranus in the seventh house of the people. Sooo many of us loved him — ardent, warm, convincing and impressive. His persuasion made us believe. HOPE became the word!  A true patriot who believed in fighting for the rights of all Americans. An expert on the Constitution. Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want to believe that?

But now we have to perform a reality check by looking at what the planets have to say about our beloved leader because we have been led to believe something that is turning out to be out of sync with reality.

Look at Neptune sitting in his midheaven at 8 degrees and 36 minutes of Scorpio. Neptune is adverse (square) to all those ardent and beautiful planets in Leo in the 7th house of the people. The immediate astrological image that arises is someone who is the great deceiver; someone who has not “been straight” with the people. Does he speak with “forked tongue” as the Indians used to say when talking to a white man in those old western movies of long ago. Could this not be Neptune square Mercury in Leo?

Certainly if you split a tongue that has a middle and two sides, you get an image of Neptune, a trident. an adverse Neptune has a deceptive effect on the mind, for this is a mind that believes what it wants to believe. Therefore it is capable of creating its own reality and believing it to be the truth.

The professional astrologer is certainly aware of Neptune square Mercury in the chart of  someone who may stretch the truth and have a tendency to appear other than what he is. Such people have been know to be serious liars Certainly such people have been known to be the cleverest of liars. It appears that we, the people, have not been able to discern this.

But, at last, we may be compelled to see the truth. Surely the approaching conjunction of Saturn to his Neptune in Scorpio will demand the truth and expose any deceptions.

I am sure you have noticed that Saturn is presently in Scorpio and is fast moving toward a conjunction with his Neptune. How would you interpret this? Isn’t Saturn about justice and forcing the truth out into the open. In human terms, Neptune does not like the truth that Saturn demands of it. (Have you not noticed that Capricorns tend to feel that they have to tell the truth? Isn’t Capricorn ruled by Saturn, the planet of justice?)

I suggest that we all take a look at Saturn’s conjunction with our leader’s Neptune on September 16, 2013 when Mars is in Leo and Venus is in Scorpio, and very close to Neptune. What do you think this indicates if not a kind of ”Waterloo.”  Certainly truth will be banging on Neptune’s door. This could be very unpleasant for our leader’s Neptune. Will he cough up the truth or run and hide behind his golden tongue to once again seduce we, the people, into believing he will uphold the Constitution and fight for the Constitutional Rights of all Americans.

Surely, it will be very difficult to hide from the demands of that great “reality checker,” Saturn. Is it a time that will be like that old saying in the South that relates to facing the music? ”The chickens are coming home to roost.”

What do you think?



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